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The 12th release on Good Morning comes from dear NYC friends Georgia, the avant-garde duo consisting of Brian Close & Justin Tripp.

The two are masters of channeling & communicating immediate energy through audio, imagery or film, and here they continue en route, with each of them delivering 50 minutes of brain dancing original music.

The duo's productions, feel like an alien code of language that communicates with some un/seen world of energy - that which surrounds us daily, but only few try to explore. Imagine some kind of plant satellite - beaming live information back & fourth between worlds.

Or to quote directly....
“Approached as an antidote to a specific patterned brain as a navigational map of energy streams possibly oscillating the brain between control and release and whatever else shows up....summoning nature’s trance actualities....quiet is the base - re arrange is the place, flow is the place! BASSE BASSE !"