GMT08 Matt W (RVNG) - Harmonics on the Window Pane

GMT08 Matt W (RVNG) - Harmonics on the Window Pane


This release comes from Matt Werth, both label owner & operator of RVNG Intl, plus also its holy communal space, 'Commend' in New York.

If there's one person who embodies the true spirit of what Good Morning is celebrating & researching, it's Matt.....
And its an absolute honour to welcome such a beautiful being to the Good Morning circle.

Presented here is an hour long mix pieced together with warm hands in a cold winter basement.

Imagine icy frost on a cold window pane, as you sit gazing outside.... though glowing on the inside with warmth & love.

Or put simply....
'Knowing only that the invisible force
Of which our bodies are the fragmentary rainbow reflection'

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