GMT13 Xvarr - Serpent Power

GMT13 Xvarr - Serpent Power


We first encountered XVARR (Zaheer) at the Low Company Records first birthday gathering back in April.

Introducing himself purely on his admiration for an interesting Peruvian cap, a conversation ensued & we were soon struck by his keen outpouring of love for all things mystic & Divine. 

After lengthy random discussions throughout the evening, we were left scratching our head in wonder of who this mysterious well-read man was....and where did he come from??

It turns out that apart from being well versed in Western esoteric mysticism, Zaheer has also been making music since the early 1990s, embarking on various solo projects & releasing limited edition CDRs of his compositions, often only gifting them to close friends & random acquaintances.

Those who frequent Low Company (or those smart enough to subscribe to their weekly email bulletins) most likely would've discovered XVARR’s debut LP titled 'Beyond Illuminism' (Thuluth Records) & his recent self-released ‘Aeons Revolve’ EP. Both totally mind blowing in their own right, and both showcasing a diverse collection of esoteric electronic rituals. The two releases really highlight Zaheer's raw talent for translating emotion & intention through sound.

So it's with the upmost gratitude that we thank XVARR for gifting us all with an incredible cassette on Good Morning Tapes - containing 110% of original unreleased recordings.

Sourced from a collection of old four track tapes/minidiscs, containing random recorded bits of synth...the odd beat here & there... & unfinished tracks from way back when, XVARR pulls together a sound collage of many moods & energies. All drawing heavily on 'Serpent Power' energy - this 60 minute cassette engages the listener into a world of spiritual transcendence, with specific focus on Tantra and the awakening of Kundalini.

We really can't express how fond we are of Zaheer & his ongoing effort to effect universal change through the medium of electronic sound.

And special praise be made to XVARR’s partner in cosmic crime, Egypte Erotique, for very kindly donating one of her incredible pieces for the cover art - which was created whilst in the presence of this very special sound collage being conceived.

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