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If there's one space in the world that mothers & amplifies the message that we're trying to spread here at Good Morning, its undoubtedly Commend in NYC.A tranquil retail refuge/community built by the powers at RVNG Intl (@igetrvng) its a space filled with love, support, education & the upmost inspiration.....pulling together like-minded souls from all over the world - who communicate the same language of love, respect & gratitude.

Supportive environment's like Commend are very rare, so its an absolute honour to present an exclusive 90 minute cassette together with two of their lightworkers - Nina (who's also a member of NYC DJ crew Working Women) & Jaclyn (aka Voice Training).Nina's side pays homage to a place where you can go that embraces all moods, that refreshes and re-energizes, that is unconditional....harmonizing with your environment through play, sensation and connection.

On the flip, Jaclyn's mix takes you drifting down a stream of pulsating waves & cosmic loops, before projecting you up into the high ether....with your arms wrapped around a comfortable bubble, reflecting on the many vapors of the sky that shimmer & float on by...Big Bless up to Matt Werth, Jacyln, Nina, Mandee & all the members of the Commend family.