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Raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, though now finding his feet in Berlin, this lo-fi explorer is no stranger to the scene, having previous releases on notorious labels such as L.A Club Resource & L.I.E.S.

Though here on this release for GMT, Fernando takes an opportunity to reflect on his new found German home & surroundings.

Enduring the struggles of learning a new language & finding his groove away from the familiar, Fernando has taken the past year to embrace the challenges of change & isolation...delving deeper into the subterranean lands of his own mind & bubble, meditating & interacting indepth with the great outdoors regularly.

Approaching his trusty 8 track Yamaha MT8X & machines in a different way this time, ‘Magnolia Shade” offers an honest look into Fernando’s unique style of one-man-band, Ambient Island Dub.